The Ragas created and composed by Gaurav Mazumdar

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Press Kit and Concert
  Grammy Nomination 2004

'Let there be music everywhere and for everyone'
Music, which is entertaining and a source of learning,
making one a better human being, striving towards
Peace and harmony.
A simple, beautiful, yet challenging dream of
Pt. Gaurav Mazumdar.

The Society has been founded by the maestro to share his music
and his dream with the rest of the world. A dream to make every person's life musical; to make opportunities for aspiring musicians to nurture, perform and express their talent and grow into a wonderful individual making theirs' and others' life beautiful and meaningful. Most important, to make sure every child has a share of
music in her or his life.

Akanksha endeavours to have all genres of music, musicians and music-lovers come under one roof…… teach, learn, grow,
share and above all, spread harmony through the universal
language of Music.

Regular concerts, seminars, inter-active sessions and learning in a healthy and enriching atmosphere is something Gaurav wants to build and achieve.

Akanksha Foundation
for Music and Performing Arts is this and a lot more.
Do come, join hands and make this dream into a reality.

Love and Peace