The Ragas created and composed by Gaurav Mazumdar

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Gaurav majumdar
The Ragas created and composed by Gaurav Mazumdar:



Lalitaa: Aroh - S r g M m M, g m D n S / S n D m M g. m g r S (2010)



Rajkauns: Aroh -  S G M P d n S / S n d P M G M g S (2009)  



Charu-Shree: Aroh - S r- P- m P d m G M P d n S / S n d P m d m G r G r-S (2007)



Shiv-Kalyani: Aroh - S R g R g P, m D N R S / Avroh: S N D P, m D P g R g R S (2004)



Aishani: Aroh - S G M d n S / S n d M G M g S (2001)



Madhupriya: Aroh - S g m P N S / S N D P m g R g M g R S  (2000)



Akanksha: Aroh - S G P n S / S n P Gr S (1999)



Shivangi: Aroh - S R M P d P M P d S / S d P, M P d P M R S (1996)



Saraswati-Malhar: Aroh - S R m P D P n D N S / S n D n P m P D P m R S (1995)



The Collaborations and Compositions by
Gaurav Mazumdar:

'MORNING RAAG' - composed for the Notre Dame Catholic College, Liverpool, for strings, woodwinds and percussion. - U.K. (2013)

'SITAR & WESTERN ORCHESTRA' - composed this special piece in 3 movements, along with his disciple Vikas Deo - U.S.A. ( 2011/2012)



'SHWET' - A short film based on a rural issue of modern India. Gaurav composed, arranged and directed the
music. (2010)


'TRIBUTES' - Gaurav's latest creation premiered at the Queen Elizabeth Hall-London. He has composed two pieces, 'Maya'-Tribute to Bollywood and 'Samsara'-Tribute to World Music. (2010)


'OVER THE MOON' and 'ROMANCE' - Two new pieces created for sitar, tabla and western string orchestra comprising of violins,violas and cello. To be performed by a middle school in Wisconsin-U.S.A. (2010)


'HESSE' - A unique collaboration and composition with Shonherz and Fleer and other German actors and musicians in an unique Hesse project. (2009)   


'RITU SHRINGAR-6 SEASONS OF INDIA' - A music and dance presentation set to music by Gaurav Mazumdar and choreographed and performed by Pt.Pratap Pawar and his disciples, celebrating the 6 seasons of India through compositions in Ragas Lankadahan Sarang (Grishma / Summer), Mian ki Malhar, Ramdasi Malhar(Varsha / Rain), Kedar (Sharat / Early to mid autumn), Lalit (Hemant / late autumn to early winter), Shree (Shishir/ Winter), Hindol, Basant, Bahar, Shahana, Kirwani and Piloo (Vasant / Spring). (2009)


'SHRINGAR' - An all Indian instrument orchestra (SAMYO), set to music by Gaurav and performed at the Queen Elizabeth Hall London and several other venues and festivals in England. (2008/2009)


'COLOURS FROM THE RAINBOW'  - A unique venture which took almost 5 yrs to be written and taught. Recording of the same being released on the world premier performance in Hertfordshire on 14thMarch'09. Performed by school children of St.Christopher's and Gaurav Mazumdar, this piece is in 7 movements, one each on the 7 colours of the spectrum portraying different emotions of human life.(2009) 


'MOMENTS OF LOVE'  - This beautiful piece was written for Gaurav's student Ashna and Arjun Dhillon and Harp player Lauren Hayes. The beauty of Harp and Sitar as a complement comes across very well along with Tabla.(2009) 


'ROAD TO PEACE' - Dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, this piece was composed and performed with Jeff Bauer at the Gandhi Centre, USA . (2007)


'KALPATARU' - A unique music and dance presentation featuring danseuse Vashwati Mishra, daughter in law of Pt.Shambhu Maharaj and her disciples. The music was specially composed by Gaurav and performed live at several venues in India including Netaji Indoor Stadium-Kolkata. Musicians performing Gaurav's composition include Pt.Kumar Bose / Vijay Prakash / Ajay Prasanna / Murad Ali / Aniruddha Mukherjee / Selva Ganesh and others. (2006)


'MUSIC, PEACE and DEMOCRACY' - Composed and performed with a western Soprano, cellist, Indian percussion and sitar. (2004)


'CONCERT FOR PEACE' - composed and arranged by Gaurav,for a live performance in Austria. The pieces covering the journey of music from vedic period to contemporary music today featured Daniel Hope-violin, Sarah Lauret-cello, Richard Churchyard-guitar, Abhijeet Ghoshal-vocals and swarmandal, Kamala Bose-vocals, Asok Chakraborty-tabla and percussion, Murad Ali-Sarangi, Gilda Sebastian-tanpura and Gaurav Mazumdar-sitar and vocals. ( 2003)


'GAURAV Mazumdar and ENGLISH CHAMBER ORCHESTRA' - Gaurav composed 4 pieces and performed with the English Chamber Orchestra at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank- London . (2003)


'EAST MEETS WEST' - Composed and performed with Daniel Hope, violinist and protege of Yehudi Menuhin. (2002, 2003,2004, 2005, 2006, 2007...........


'SIDDHARTHA' - Composed Music for a Dance presentation based on Herman Hesse's "Siddhartha" and performed in Switzerland for Hesse's 125 Anniversary (2001/ 2002)


'MIND BODY and SOUL' - Composed music for a Dance choreography which was presented in Europe in the Autumn of 1999 and spring'2000.


'SOUL STRINGS' - Collaborated and performed with the Chitra Veena maestro Ravi Kiran. (2000)

'NEEMRANA' - A musical collaboration with French and Indian musicians for which Gaurav composed the music. Musical milestone comprising compositions for orchestra-sitar, sitar-cello, sarod-cello, sarod and 2 Celli's (2000)
'BASTIEN UND BASTIENNE' - Presentation of Mozart's 1st opera (written at the age of 12 and premiered in Vienna in 1768), arranged with Indian instruments sitar, sarod, voice and tabla along with western opera singers, actors and musicians, performed live and led by Gaurav in India and France. (2000)

'APNI DILLI and DHUAN DHUAN'  - Wrote the lyrics and composed the music of these 2 thematic songs based on social issues in India . (1999)


'WOMAN BARING' - Composed Music for Modern Dancer Ann Moradian from USA for her choreographic presentation of Tagores poem-Woman Baring from Gitanjali. (1999)


'SITAR and PIANO' - Composed a Sitar-Piano duet based on Raga Pilu and performed live with Pritam Koilpillai in Bangalore . (1999)