The Ragas created and composed by Gaurav Mazumdar

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  Grammy Nomination 2004
Gaurav's dream and Foundation for Music and Performing Arts.
  Sound Reinforcement System
There should be a professional sound system in good to excellent working condition appropriately sized to cover the entire room. For house speakers Stereo 3- or 4-Way System (preferred) or Mono System that provides adequate coverage for venue.
4 SM 58 microphones for the sitar, tabla, tanpura and for speaking would be required with short boom stands and not long stands covering the musicians.


  Stage Dimensions :Approx - 12ft by 12ft and with a height of about 4ft


The floor of the stage should be hard and not hollow - preferably. Since the artists perform in a sitting posture, one could use a thin carpet to spread on the hard stage floor or a thick carpet if it is a hollow stage floor. Too soft and spongy materials should be avoided.
The carpet should be covered preferably by a pure white sheet neatly tucked in the ends. Raisers might be needed for the stage to be above the eye level of the audience, making it possible for the entire audience to see the artists and instruments clearly, as it is a visual art as well as audio
  Green Room Requirements:
Bottled drinking water, tea/coffee and light snacks.
There should be a clean carpet on the floor of the Greenroom for musicians to sit and warm up or tune their instruments before going on stage for sound check or for the concert.